Dr Alex HopeMy name is Alex Hope. I am currently Senior Lecturer in Business Ethics and Director of Student Engagement and Satisfaction at Newcastle Business School, Northumbria University, a post I have held since May 2014, and Associate Lecturer in Environmental Management at the Open University. Before entering the world of academia I had a rather eclectic mix of jobs. I have managed pubs, installed industrial shelving in warehouses, been a power-press operator for a roofing manufacturer, worked as a DJ and last, but not least, a long spell as a retail manager in a large high street music store chain. Throughout all of this, I have remained a committed environmentalist…

I put an end to this strange meandering career path on my 30th birthday and re-entered education. One degree in Environmental Management, a Knowledge Transfer Partnership which saw me working as a local authority Sustainable Energy officer, a PhD in Sustainable Development, an MA in Academic Practice (and two kids later), here I am…

My main research interests include business ethics, corporate social responsibility, sustainability in project management, Environmental Assessment Methodologies, and other related topics. Essentially I like to work on projects that seek to ‘operationalise sustainability’, by this I mean seeking ways in which environmental, social and economic can be implemented in practice. I mainly teach business ethics and CSR across a range of undergraduate and post-graduate degrees.

I use this space as a sounding board for my ideas, as well as communicating my research to a wider audience than is afforded by the usual academic publishing outlets. l also discuss my experiences as an academic attempting to build a research and teaching career in what is often a rewarding, but frustrating job. I blog about sustainability in business and management, energy policy, the trials and tribulations of working in academia and the use of technology and social media in learning and teaching. If that is your kind of thing, please have a look around and let me know what you think – comments are always welcome and debate encouraged!

If you are inspired to work with me in any way, perhaps as a PhD student, or on collaborative research papers or funding bids, please do get in touch – I am always open to opportunities and ideas!


Alex Hope

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    • Dr. Hope,

      I am close to completing a course in project management. As I was reading through the course material and wrapping up my project, I couldn’t help but think that project management is more like strategy in action. If we can integrate sustainability in the org strategy, we can pretty much ensure that it’ll seep into projects that we execute. What are your thoughts on this?

      On another note, do you teach any online class on integrating sustainability, entrepreneurship, and project management?

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts through this website! Really appreciate your journey, especially the parts about working as a DJ and putting an end to your strange meandering path….it seems kinda interesting though because that path got you here; not so strange after all!


      • Hi Leticia

        Apologies for the delay in replying – been away for a while.

        I agree completely with your thoughts that integrating sustainability into the organisational strategy should ensure that these principles seep into projects too, however in practice there are a couple of problems with this.

        Firstly not all organisations have sustainability integrated into strategy – in particular smaller companies. I try to empower the project managers I work with to embed sustainability into all of the projects they work on regardless of the organisations performance regarding sustainability. Unfortunately many PMs still feel that their responsibility is to only meet the project objectives as set out by the organisation/client and that if sustainability is not one of these, they have no obligation to consider it.

        Secondly many organisations have excellent sustainability strategies at the organisational level, yet struggle with implementing actions at the project/operational level. My experience is that we cannot simply rely on the trickle down of sustainability from top to bottom. PMs need specific tools and guidelines to assist them in operationalising sustainability strategies. More work and research is sorely needed in this area.

        As for an online course – yes and no. The Masters that I teach on is delivered via online learning, but the module on sustainability and project management forms part of the overall MSc and cannot be taken on its own. If you are seeking to undertake a full MSc on Project Management then I can send you the details.

        Finally thanks for the comment and I am glad that you found my journey interesting! I certainly have too 🙂


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