Hello and welcome to my blog!

I have been meaning to take the plunge and develop this site for a long time now but something else always came up…child number one, completing my PhD thesis,  moving house, birth of child number 2 etc etc…..

Now that I am finally here I intend to use this space as a sounding board for my ideas, as well as communicating my research to a wider audience than is afforded by the usual academic publishing outlets. I will also be discussing my experiences as a new academic as I attempt to build a research and teaching career in what is often a rewarding, but frustrating vocation.

I suspect I will mainly be blogging about sustainability in business and project management, sustainability in construction, the trials and tribulations of working in academia and the use of technology and social media in learning and teaching. If that is your kind of thing, please have a look around and let me know what you think – comments are always welcome and debate encouraged!



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