Ice and Climate Change Debate


On Saturday I had the privilege of being a panel member on the Ice and Climate debate, a Question Time style event which was the culmination of events at the Life Science Centre in Newcastle designed to raise awareness on what tackling climate change means for the UK and North East. During the day, visitors were able to immerse themselves in the world of glaciology and climate change, view award-winning documentaries on a huge outdoor cinema screen and talk to scientists who were conducting experiments and telling stories of conducting fieldwork in some of the most remote and coldest places on the planet. The event was organised by masters students from Durham Univeristy led by David Saddington and was sponsored by the Natural Environment Research Council. They did a fantastic job of pulling the events together and represent a great example as to how students can get involved in science communication.

The debate itself featured four panelists alongside myself: Professor Chris Stokes of the Department of Geography at Durham University, an expert in glaciers and glaciation, environmental remote sensing, and communicating science; Alice Lépissier , a research associate at the Centre for Global Development, currently working on SkyShares a tool to help policy-makers compute the economic costs of international climate change agreements; Jonathan Elmer, an ecological consultant and member of the Durham Green Party and Ignacio Martí, the Innovation and Research Director for Offshore Renewable Energies Catapult. The session was really enjoyable with some challenging questions. You can read an excellent summary of the debate as Tweeted by @RachEB93 via Storify below.


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