Manage research papers on the go with PaperShip

Regular readers will be aware that I am always seeking out new technology to assist with the day-to-day job of research and teaching. One of the most time-consuming tasks, at least for me, is the management of my research library but PaperShip – a new IOS app for managing research papers on the iPad and […]

The Cloud Academic: Part 2

In my last post I set myself the challenge of seeing whether I could survive in my job and undertake my daily duties using only online, free, cloud based software programmes. I asked whether this was practical on a day-to-day basis? and could a busy academic really perform all of the duties expected of them using only free, online […]

The Cloud Academic: Part 1

There has been a fundamental shift in the way in which we work as academics. No longer are we tied to our desks, hard-wired internet/intranet connections or dusty collections of texts and papers. It is now possible, and in some cases desirable and more productive, to work from home, from libraries, in the field, from […]

How to Manage a Research Library with Zotero

Keeping up to date with research and managing an increasing number of journal articles and other material is a vital skill of academics and graduate students… Here I set out my workflow developed over the lat few years using tools such as Zotero, Dropbox , my iPad and Goodreader. Together these tools, and others, see me through from article discovery, through cataloguing and […]